In 2011 a conversational English program was developed to give youth ages 10 to 18 the same opportunity afforded to adults in Michael Gott International English Courses. The goal of this new program is to improve English skills in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere designed to be interesting and fun for a younger age group. The 7 day course includes small group class time, music, games and activities aimed at the overall improvement of English skills on 5 different levels of English fluency. Younger children, age 10 to 12 are invited to attend the morning session while youth ages 13 to 18 attend the afternoon session. Separating the students in this way allows the American teachers to make the class time more age specific andapplicable to each age group.

What makes this course unique is the incorporation of activities and sports that will reinforce the English lessons taught in small group time. Another advantage that students have is personal interaction with native speakers in a small group setting. At the end of each course all students who attend will be given a personalized formal diploma of completion for their keeping. The families of students are invited for a special program on the last day of the course to see what the students have learned and to meet their teachers. All youth with a desire to improve their English skills over the Summer are invited to attend one of these exciting and fun day camps.